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We receive lots of calls here at Water Slide Rentals in Cape Coral FL for
our bouncy castle bounce house especially for birthday parties because all
little girls love having a castle to bounce and jump in on their special day.
The bouncing units are favorites at all kid parties because of the lively colors and soft bouncy material that allow kids to have fun while staying safe inside each unit. All of our bounce houses are made from durable materials for hours of jumping fun. We inspect them to be sure they are in good condition prior to your rental date and also clean and sanitize each unit. We take pride in making sure each bounce house is setup correctly and take our time to answer all
your questions to your satisfaction so that your party or event will go off
without a hitch.

Water slide rentals in Cape Coral, FL are popular because kids remain entertained for hours and parents never worry about them becoming bored
or losing interest in the party as long as a bouncer is on the premises. The castle themed bouncer fits most party themes and is a favorite of both girls
and boys because boys love to save damsels in distress and pretend to
be knights in shining armor riding fierce steeds to defend the castle from dragons or faraway enemies. Girls love to pretend they are princesses
or queens ruling a kingdom or living a fairytale dream.

The water slide rentals in Cape Coral FL all look like castles found in fairytale books with colorful turrets and plenty of space to jump and bounce inside. Adults will enjoy watching all the bouncy fun through the mesh openings and kids will enjoy the breezes that will flow through the castle. Our bounce houses come in two sizes – large and extra large so party guests will have plenty of room to bounce and jump around with other party guests. The prince or princess of the castle will have a fun party to remember long after all the other kids have gone home and parents will have tired but happy kids from
a day of bouncing and jumping to their hearts content. Ordering this bouncy castle is easy and the price won’t hurt your budget because all of our rental units are priced the lowest in the area.

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Water Slide Rentals in Cape Coral FL

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We are badge certified and
are authorized to work in
all Florida Public Schools.
All employees have passed

fingerprints and background checks.

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Water Slide Rentals
in Cape Coral FL

(239) 206-1809

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