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Water Slide Rentals in Cape Coral FL

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Customers of Water Slide Rentals in Cape Coral FL are sure to find exciting inflatable rentals that will make their party the best in the neighborhood. No matter what type of party or event you are throwing be it for a holiday, family celebration or special event we are sure to have character bounce houses and theme bouncers that will be perfect for you and your guests. Because we are a family owned company serving your local area with party rentals we understand your values and provide only the highest quality units. We have different sizes to choose from so you are sure to find the right bounce house for your occasion. Our low prices are sure to fit any budget and our customer service will have you smiling when you complete your transaction with us.

Water Slide Rentals in Cape Coral FL has convenient hours that are designed
to fit your busy lifestyle and customer service that is friendly and helpful ready to answer your questions and help you decide which of our many bounce houses will be proudly displayed at your party. We guarantee that our bouncers are inspected and in good condition and that they have been cleaned and sanitized prior to your party date. Rest assured that we will make sure that your inflatable unit is setup correctly so that your party guests will have hours of bouncy fun. No matter which bounce house you pick it will be colorful and attractive to the kids at your party.
Our bounce house characters and themes are varied so you will sure to be able to find the right one from our huge selection that includes a castle bounce house, Disney Princess themed rental, and characters such as Dora, Superman, Batman, Finding Nemo, Shrek, SpongeBob and Ninja Turtles just to name a few. We also have themed bounce houses such as United We Stand, Pirates, Girl Power, Halloween, Sports and Happy Birthday/Circus Themed bounce houses too.

At Water Slide Rentals in Cape Coral FL we believe in meeting the needs of our customers in any way we can by providing quality party rentals at affordable prices. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are eager to please and can assist you with your rental units. Give us a call today to discuss your bounce house rental needs.

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We are badge certified and
are authorized to work in
all Florida Public Schools.
All employees have passed

fingerprints and background checks.

Large Castle Bounce House
$99 / DayBounce_House_Rentals_Cape_Coral_FL.html
4-In-1 Combo
Bounce House
$199 / DayCombo_Bounce_Houses_Party_Rentals_Cape_Coral_FL_33991.html
Circus Splash
Water Slide
$199 / DayWater_Slide_or_Dry_Slide_Rentals_Cape_Coral_FL.html
30’ Backyard Obstacle Course
$199 / DayObstacle_Course_Rentals_in_Cape_Coral_FL_33904.html
Mickey Mouse
Large Bounce House
$99 / DayBounce_House_Rentals_Cape_Coral_FL.html
Tidal Wave
Water Slide
$299 / DayWater_Slide_or_Dry_Slide_Rentals_Cape_Coral_FL.html
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