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Every event booked for Water Slide Rentals in Cape Coral FL is quoted separately because there are many variables that are taken into consideration which is why we ask our customers to call and speak to a specialist at our company to get the best price possible for their event. Large events often have packaged deals involved so there is no one price fits all in the party rental business. There are many variables that comprise our pricing and customers have many things to consider including our $50 deposit on most parties with a larger deposit required on larger parties. Once the deposit is placed with our company we take the items you are requesting out of inventory so the customer is assured that it will be available on the requested date.

Prices are also impacted by our generous discounts like the discount we give when customers pick up rented equipment. Prices are quoted and full payment is due day of delivery. There are no exceptions to this rule. We accept several payment methods. If you are having a personal party we cannot accept personal checks due to the risk of insufficient funds. If you are ordering rental equipment for a school, church or school function speak with a staff member because we will allow check payments. If your organization is approved for a check payment the payment must be received within 7 days of the event. Cash, credit card, certified bank check and money orders are all acceptable methods of payment. Please note that there will be a processing fee if paying by credit card. If you have a coupon it cannot be used if you are taking advantage of any special price offers. Coupons must be submitted prior to your party date and not at time of delivery. Please inform the office staff at the time you order your rental equipment if you expect to use a coupon.

Another additional fee that you should ask about at the time you place your order is our delivery fee. Delivery fees will depend upon where you are located and what specific equipment you are renting. We do strive to keep our delivery rates to a minimum. Ask us about our discounts, as we do love to save our customers money. We currently offer discounts for military, as well as discounts for school and church organizations. When anyone orders multiple party rental items we do offer some really great package deals too. We often run specials so be sure to ask when you call to place your booking if we have any specials running at that time.

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